CNN sues Trump to reinstate accreditation of journalist Jim Acosta

CNN is following up on US President Donald Trump and members of his entourage to reinstate its White House correspondent Jim Acosta’s accreditation.

The accreditation was suspended last week, after a public altercation between the journalist and the president, at a press conference given by the latter in the aftermath of the mid-term elections.

The lawsuit was served Tuesday in a federal court in Washington, according to a CNN spokeswoman. She alleges that Mr. Acosta’s withdrawal of accreditation violates the first and fifth amendments to the US Constitution.

The unlawful revocation of this accreditation violates the first amendment’s freedom of the press and the right to a fair and equitable process of the fifth amendment of CNN and Acosta.

Excerpt from CNN’s statement

CNN is also seeking a preliminary injunction to reinstate Mr. Acosta’s accreditation as soon as possible. The network says it will seek a permanent injunction in future proceedings.

The complaint concerns not only President Trump, but also his chief of staff, John Kelly, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Kelly Kelly’s communications assistant, Bill Shine, and the director of the White House. Secret Service, Joseph Clancy.

The sixth person involved is the one who removed Mr. Acosta’s press card. This is an employee of the Secret Service identified until further notice as John Doe, until his real identity is confirmed.

Although the lawsuit is specific to CNN and Acosta, it could have happened to anyone. If not disputed, White House actions could have a dangerous icy effect for any journalist who covers elected authorities.

Excerpt from CNN’s statement

CNN has been regularly attacked by Donald Trump since he started politics a little over three years ago. He argues that the network keeps spreading “fake news,” like other media considered liberals in the United States, such as the New York Times .

“When you report false news, which CNN often does, you are the enemies of the people,” the US president repeated when he attacked Jim Acosta last week.

The journalist posed a question challenging the president’s statements that equated the movement of Latin American migrants heading for the Mexican-American border to an “invasion”.

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