Islamic group announces truce on Gaza-Israel border

Palestinian militants of the Islamic Jihad group announced on Saturday that the suspension of rocket fire against Israel has targeted an unprecedented salvo the previous night since August.

Islamic Jihad, one of the other armed groups operating in the Gaza Strip, said in a statement that the rocket fire was a response to the deaths of four Palestinian demonstrators killed on Friday by Israel near the Gaza border.

A spokesman for the armed group later announced that a truce had been obtained through Egyptian mediation.

“Islamic Jihad will respect this ceasefire if the occupier (Israel, Ed) does the same,” Daoud Shehab said.

No immediate comment has been obtained from the Israeli authorities, who rarely confirm that they have concluded truces with armed groups in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli army announced on Saturday morning that 30 rockets had been fired at Israeli territory and Israeli warplanes had fired more than 80 targets, including a four-storey building that it said was a Hamas headquarters. the movement of Islamic resistance that controls the Gaza Strip since 2007.

Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, a military spokesman, accused Syria and Iran of being involved in the rocket attack.

“Orders and incentives have been given since Damascus with obvious involvement of the Al Quds force of the Iran Revolutionary Guards Corps,” he told reporters, adding, “Our response is not geographically limited.”

No casualties have been reported at this stage on both sides of the border.

Palestinian protesters have been gathering every week since early last spring along the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel to assert the refugees’ right to return in 1948 and call for the lifting of the Israeli blockade.

Since the beginning of the movement, Israeli gunfire has killed 212 demonstrators, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health. An Israeli soldier was also killed by a Palestinian gunman.

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