Muslims raise thousands of dollars for victims of Pittsburgh shooting

A crowdfunding campaign by two groups of American Muslims raised more than $90,000 for survivors and relatives of 11 people killed in a Pittsburgh synagogue killings.

The campaign started on the crowdfunding website LauchGood. Its initial goal of $25,000 was met in six hours, its second goal of $50,000 after one.

By early Monday morning, donations exceeded $110,000.

The crowdfunding campaign was undertaken by CelebrateMercy and MPower Change, two nonprofit organizations of American Muslims.

“We want to respond to evil with good, as our faith demands, and send a powerful message of compassion through action,” said the organizations in a statement.

Fundraising benefits will be used to meet the short-term needs of the injured and bereaved families, including funeral and care costs.

“Through this campaign, we hope to send a message of unity to the Jewish and Muslim communities: there is no room for this type of hatred and violence in America,” said the two organizations. “We pray that this will restore a sense of security and peace to the American Jewish community, which was undoubtedly upset by this event.”

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