Couple who died in Yosemite National Park were posing for a selfie: reports

Vishnu Viswanath and Meenakshi ‘Minaxi’ Moorthy, the Indian couple who died tragically last week when they fell off a cliff in Yosemite National Park, was apparently taking a selfie, Viswanath’s brother told reporters.

he popular Taft Point viewpoint, where these two people fell 800 feet down, is known for its spectacular panoramic views and visitors can walk to the edge of a ledge that has no handrail.

Jishnu Viswanath, brother of the deceased man, said that they had installed his tripod on the ledge of the mountain on Tuesday night. The next morning, visitors to the park noticed that there was an abandoned camera and alerted the park rangers, who “used powerful binoculars to find them and used helicopters to transport the bodies.”

Park authorities recovered last Thursday the bodies of Viswanath, 29, and Moorthy, 30, on a steep terrain located about 800 feet just below the famous viewpoint from which Yosemite Valley can be seen, the spokeswoman confirmed. Park, Jamie Richards.

On Monday they were identified as a married couple from India who lived and worked in the United States, both systems engineers and travel bloggers who documented their adventures on social networks. They had recently moved to California from New York because he got a job at the Cisco company.

Their lives came to a tragic end, especially due to the fact that they warned in their publications of the dangers of selfies, something that apparently ended up being victims themselves.

“Many of us, including ourselves, are really fans of the audacity to try to stand on the edges of mountains, but did you know that the gusts of wind can be FATAL? ️ Is our life only worth a photo?”, They pondered in the text next to a photo taken a few months ago in the Grand Canyon, which they posted on their Instagram account.

The couple’s funeral will be in the United States because the bodies were not in condition to be transferred back to India, according to the relative who spoke with AP.

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