Now 10 suspicious packages sent to critics of Trump

On Thursday, New York police neutralized a suspicious package sent to an address where there is a production house and restaurant associated with actor Robert De Niro. Shortly after, two other suspicious packages, this time addressed to former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden, were found in a Delaware post office.

These two suspicious packages are of the same nature as those sent earlier this week to former President Barack Obama and several Democratic personalities, a prototype pipe bomb, said the FBI, the US federal police.

This is the eighth, ninth and tenth suspicious packages of this type discovered this week in the United States.

The first mine clearance operation was launched early Thursday morning at 375 Greenwich Street, New York, where Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Films headquarters and Tribeca Grill are located. co.

An employee of the building contacted the police at approximately 4:00 am, after recalling having seen a package in the building similar to those described on television as potentially trapped.

The evacuation was not necessary, since almost nobody was in the building at this early hour.

The package, a padded envelope addressed to Robert De Niro, was transported in a bomb truck to a laboratory in the Bronx to be neutralized and analyzed.

Robert De Niro, Hollywood’s protagonist, is known to be a fierce opponent of President Donald Trump, whom he has denounced many times. He described him as ” dog “, ” pig ” and ” stupid ” during the last presidential campaign.

Last June, at the Tony Awards night , Robert De Niro had reoffended by declaring ” fuck Trump ” several times before millions of viewers.

Asked by reporters about the package, Robert De Niro spokesman Stan Rosenfield told the CNN network that the case is “extremely disturbing and frightening”.

“It seems that all the people who were targeted have one thing in common: their political convictions. That’s all that can be concluded at this stage, “he added.

Joe Biden also targeted

Shortly after the discovery of this suspicious package in New York, the Delaware authorities launched a mine clearance operation at a post office in New Castle, where two similar packages were detected by the postal staff, confirmed the FBI.

De-mining robots have been deployed to move the packages.

According to the FBI, the parcels discovered at New Castle are both addressed to Barack Obama Vice President Joe Biden.

The former number 2 of the White House is regularly cited as a possible Democratic presidential candidate of 2020.

Investigators stingy with details

In a press briefing in the afternoon on Thursday, New York police and FBI officials remained stingy with details about the progress of the investigation.

FBI local chief William Sweeney was content to say that the 10 suspicious packages found since the beginning of the week were transported to the FBI laboratory in Quantico, Virginia, where they are analyzed.

He also stated that the white powder found with the package for John Brennan posed no biological risk. The substance, however, continues to be evaluated.

James O’Neil, chief of police in New York, declined to comment on information circulating in the American press that suspicious packages may only be hoaxes that pose no real danger.

The authorities consider them as packages that can explode, as prescribed by the protocol units bomb, he was content to say.

Officials also did not comment on reports that packages were being shipped from Florida.

Police authorities and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio took the opportunity to urge all New Yorkers to remain vigilant.

They echoed similar comments earlier in the day by FBI director Christopher Wray.

Ten suspicious packages

The case began Monday with a package sent to the home of billionaire George Soros, a known Democrat who has become a target of US and European ultra-nationalists.

This was followed Tuesday and Wednesday by the interception of other explosive packages sent to former Democratic Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who lives in suburban New York, and former Democratic President Barack Obama, who lives in Washington.

Shortly after, the CNN news channel, often denounced by Donald Trump, who accuses him of systematically criticizing his presidency, evacuated his New York offices after the discovery of a suspicious package addressed to John Brennan, former director of the CIA and now commentator on CNN.

Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, former chair of the Democratic Party’s National Committee, was also targeted, along with two other Democratic figures, former US Justice Secretary Eric Holder and California representative Maxine Waters. , who received two parcels. These last two people have in common to be Black.

All packages were sent in a padded envelope with a computer-printed address. All gave as sender the name (written with misspellings) of Mrs. Wasserman Schultz.

Thursday night, the Time Warner Center was evacuated for a second time in a week. After conducting an assessment of two parcels left unattended in the Manhattan Mall, the New York Police quickly informed the citizens that there was no danger.

At this point in the survey, we still do not know if it’s a single person or a network.

New York Police Chief James O’Neill
The New York police chief however said he is hopeful that the leader (s) will be identified and arrested in the coming days.

Trump to the media, according to Trump
Since Monday, many voices denounce a polarization of American political life that has gone too far since the election of Donald Trump.

Despite the call for a rally on Wednesday by Trump and condemnations of violence by several Republican officials, Democratic leaders in Congress accused the president of condoning the violence.

In particular, they recalled that the president has treated the media as “enemies of the people” and has been quick to denounce far-right activists who have been the scene of violent protests in Charlottesville in the summer of 2017.

Without reacting directly to the discovery of new suspicious packages, Mr. Trump has resumed his attacks against the mass media on Thursday, assigning them a responsibility in the current deleterious climate.

“A very big part of the anger we see today in our society is caused by the deliberately false and inaccurate reporting of mainstream media that I call false news,” he wrote on Twitter.

“It has become so heinous and hateful that it is beyond description. The mass media must put their affairs in order, and quickly! ” Thyreviews.com

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